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Fully Responsive

The SMS Connect Pro platform is fully responsive and compatible on all devices. The app is coming real soon too!

Full Reporting

You will have access to real time reports that will show you all the messages that were successfully delivered and rejected.

Easy To Use

The best part about our platform is the ease of use. You don’t have to be a savvy computer expert to use the system.

Lightning Fast

Our platform is hosted on the best servers providing the fastest processing and delivering times available.


We provide full reporting details along with top notch customer support. Please sign up by choosing one of our subscription plans below. We look forward to providing you with this powerful marketing tool to use in your business today.

Our SMS platform was created to be super simple for anyone to use. You don't have to be super tech savvy to use our system.

Easily send text message alerts and promotional messages to your customers and employees with just one click.

You can send instant text messages to one person at a time quickly and efficiently with our system. You can also create several different groups to send text messages to. For example, you can create a group of all of your employees or even a group of all your customers and can send a text message to all the people in the group with just one click.

Simply compose your message that you want to send out and press send and everyone in the group will receive the text message instantly. It is really that simple. You can even hold conversations through our platform since inbounds are 100% totally free to you. You never pay for an inbound text.

$99 / month


3.9 cents / SMS

  • 2500 SMS Outbound
  • Unlimited SMS Inbound
  • 2 Way SMS Chat Feature
  • Free Number
  • Free Rollover Unused SMS
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$199 / month


3.6 cents / SMS

  • 5500 SMS Outbound
  • Unlimited SMS Inbound
  • 2 Way SMS Chat Feature
  • Free Number
  • Free Rollover Unused SMS
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